We have taken our baby to several other groomers, but this was the first time i have been completely 100% comfortable leaving my baby in your care! You genuinely cared and listened to what we wanted, and you completely delivered… And then some! You didn’t miss a thing… From ears to rears… Thank you so much. I will ONLY use you for my babies!!! PS The girls at New Frontier AMC rave about you… That’s how we found you;-)

-Provided by Square Inc. 8/30/2014

I used Becky’s Pet Parlor for animal bathing, grooming, clipping and anal gland cleaning. They even brushed the teeth of both my dogs.

Member Comments: I love Becky and the animals are not stressed at all. The receptionist there also shelters dogs for us. She is also great with all the animals. I have seen her interact with others. It is really a welcoming environment where the animals feel safe and taken care of.

-Provided by Angie’s List 5/27/2014

They are all friendly, very professional and do an amazing job. I even had my girl Jack Russell get a purple tuft of hair on top of her head and her nails painted purple she was sooo cute! I will NEVER take my pups to Petsmart’s groomers before I found Becky we used them and they do not do 1/2 the job and it is twice the cost.

-Provided by Angie’s List 12/24/2013

Best groomer in town. Becky is a huge animal lover. She takes the time to hear what you want and has high standards for herself, so you know it will be perfect. She has a gentle and assertive way to treat the pets she handles. She not only grooms but rescues and rehomes many animals. All around great person and I will always trust my pets with her.

-Provided by yelp 11/09/2013

Becky is a wonderful groomer!! I took my 6 month old puppy there for his second grooming (first one was in Tucson).. He’s a rare breed and needs a special cut. Becky took the time to watch a video I sent her and look up the breed on the internet. He looked perfect when I saw him! It’s a bonus that her prices are great too!!

-Provided by yelp 10/10/2013

Becky groomed my dog. They are great. They take very good care of your animal and make it less stressful for you and your pet.

You can tell they love animals and the pets can tell also.

-Provided by Angie’s List 10/11/2013

I was searching for a groomer in Sierra Vista, 2 that I found didn’t perform the procedure I wanted, 1 was wayyy to expensive and the other one was in the right price range but left her salon early the day that I was going to go. I scrambled to find someone else and I walked into Becky’s just as she was closing and she was generous enough to perform one last groom to my two dogs. She briefed her concerns even! She is a personable and professional groomer. I will take my 2 dogs back to her in an instant and also recommend her!

-Provided by Google Reviews

Becky does a great job with grooming the dogs. She always asks what kind of cut I want for them and she takes care of them like they were her own dogs. I have one dog who greatly struggles with stress and taking her to the groomers has always been an issue, but since we started using Becky’s Pet Parlor I have had no issues at all!!

Everything goes great all the time!!

-Provided by Angie’s List 5/31/2013